ReviPart App - Create 3D Models of broken or discontinued parts

Turn your phone into a 3D scanner with the ReviPart app. Print your object directly with your own 3D printer or send it to us and we'll print it for you and ship it straight to your door.

With the ReviPart App take a photograph of a simple 3D object. Within minutes ReviPart will generate a model from the photograph which can be sent straight to a 3D printer.

Some of the possible uses include:

  • Copying a part for a car or a home appliance or a board game that is no longer manufactured.
  • Create an object from scratch based on text, or a geometric shape, or a photographed image.
  • Adapt an existing object to create a new one. For example, photograph a battery to create a cover.


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You can read more about how to use the ReviPart app in our Guide section.


If you're having trouble using the ReviPart app you can consult our Support section.