Part Store

Our parts catalogue is ever-expanding as more and more people send us their parts or use the ReviPart App to scan them themselves. You can purchase any of our publicly available designs directly or contact us for a completely bespoke service. Prices include VAT and delivery, discounts available on request for bulk quantities.

Materials Used

ABS A very strong and durable plastic that is slightly flexible and resistant to heat. It is easily sanded and machined, making it ideal for prototyping and mechanical uses. Black, grey and blue in stock other colours available on request.

PLA Biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources. Strong and rigid, but slightly brittle. Great all-round prototyping material with a smooth and glossy look. Black only in stock, other colours on request.

Send a part

If you can't find what you're after above then why not send us your part and have us recreate it for you? Simply read our page on how to send us your part and we'll give you a bespoke quote on getting it replicated. Set up costs from as little as £4.95.

Create a part

Alternatively, you can recreate the part yourself using the ReviPart mobile app. Print it on your own 3D printer or send the scans to us to have it printed and sent out to you.